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Sri Krishna Sweets was established by Amudha Semmal Sri N.K.Mahadeva Iyer in 1948 in a small size and is the pioneer in the field of pure Ghee Sweets. Since then, it is engaged in the pursuit of manufacturing and selling traditional home made sweets & savouries for over six decades with modern manufacturing practices. The products rolled out would cater to different taste buds of discerning consumers.

As 'tastes' keep changing everyday, intelligent adaptation to the ever changing consumer perception goes on and on through scientific methods of market research. As this process is on, constant efforts are made in maintaining high product integrity. This is exactly the sum and substance of our illustrious founder's core principles of business which really win the hearts of the customers.

His son, Mr.M.Krishnan ably assisted by his younger brother Mr.M.Murali is painstakingly and stringently implementing these principles without any deviation whatsoever.

Mysurpa the sweet that melts your heart:

The SKS Mysurpa is the company's roving ambassador to the world. Years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste resulted in an outstanding blend which transformed the traditional mysorepauk into a special sweet the divine SKS Mysurpa. Today, the Mysurpa is the largest selling pure ghee sweet in India! It is the company's singular monumental contribution to the food processing industry.

'Mysurpa' has become a standard to be emulated, a taste relished the world over, a unique sweet with very few equals.
Sri. N.K. Mahadeva Iyer Mr. M. Krishnan Mr. M. Murali